To kill a mockingbird tom robinson trial article

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Maycomb Times Newspaper Reports on the Trial of Tom Robinson

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She said that it was her first analytical asking Tom Robinson to come through the argument t help her. Our Reading Guide for To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

An article about this sensational trial should inform readers of the details surrounding Mayella's accusations against Tom, the trial testimony of various witnesses, the actions of important. In this small town, Tom Robinson, a black man, husband, and father of two is on trial for his life for the crime of rape.

The accuser is Mayella Violet Ewell, the 19 year old daughter of Robert E. Lee Ewell.5/5(2). Maycomb Rape Trial Summer, Maycomb, Alabama- The Tom Robinson trial concluded today. For those of you who are just learning about the case: Tom Robinson, a young black man, is accused of rape by Mayella Ewell, a 19 year old girl/5(1).

The victim, Tom Robinson, a black man working for the Ewell’s has been shot to death last night at the jail. The black worker was well known for his straightforwardness and had a.

What title should I use for a newspaper article on Tom Robinson's trial in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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To kill a mockingbird tom robinson trial article
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