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Research article Open archive Paperfolding morphisms, planefilling curves, and fractal tiles. Michel Dekking.

Pages Download PDF. Article preview. select article The possible cardinalities of global secure sets in cographs. Research article Open archive. Origami (paperfolding) has greatly progressed since its first usage for design of cult objects in Japan, and entertainment in Europe and the USA.

It has now entered into artistic areas using many other materials than paper, and has been used as an inspiration for scientific and engineering realizations.

Self-Matching Bands in the Paperfolding Sequence

This article is intended to illustrate several aspects of origami that are relevant to. select article The abelian complexity of the paperfolding word. Research article Open archive The abelian complexity of the paperfolding word.

Blake Madill, Narad Rampersad.

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Pages Download PDF. Research article Open archive The least eigenvalues of the signless Laplacian of non-bipartite graphs with pendant vertices. Yi-Zheng Fan. A primer about origami research and applications, touching on origami in technology, automated origami design and origami mathematics.

Insights from folding paper have been applied to space technology, This article lists some of the more accessible research as it is meant as a primer to origami research, but it may be somewhat.

Specifically, we used function-designed graphene oxide as nanoscale building blocks to fabricate an all-graphene self-folding paper that has a single-component gradient structure. A functional device composed of this graphene paper can (i) adopt predesigned shapes, (ii) walk, and (iii) turn a corner.

Research Article MATERIALS SCIENCE. You will be surprised to know that paper folding ideas are used in technically advanced science projects. Some projects use bona fide origami folding techniques in the their work.

Research in progress. More Origami Science Stuff; examples of useful origami from UCL 3C41 Research Group read Origami Science in Trends in Japan article by S.

Research article on paperfolding
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