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Collaborative Writing

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Collaborative writing

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Collaborative fiction

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I need a writer for a true crime story about me and my father who died 22 years a go. This has traces back to people in the mafia as high up as Meter Lansky. Parallel writing is the type of collaborative writing that occurs when a group divides the assignment or document into separate parts and all members work on their assigned part at the same time.

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5 Benefits of Collaborative Writing

Collaborative fiction is a form of writing by a group of three or more authors who share creative control of a story. [citation needed] Collaborative fiction can occur for commercial gain, as part of education, or recreationally – many collaboratively written works have been the subject of.

Before I became a teacher-author, when I thought of writing a book I imagined agents, contracts, movie deals, advance payments – the things that you hear famous authors are involved with. Back then, as a young adult, I considered “professional writer” as a career choice, not something you do on the side.

Collaborative writing involves two or more persons working together to produce a written document. Also called group writing, it is a significant component of work in the business world, and many forms of business writing and technical writing depend on the efforts of collaborative writing teams.

Famous collaborative writing article
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