Broadcaster erwin tulfo sues inquirer f

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The petition signing calling for the decriminalization of libel and lambasting presidential spouse Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo's libel spree against journalists continues, according to the National Union of Journalists of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) is a signatory to the statement.

With the outrageous number of journalists sued for libel "in the same. While including the Inquirer and Bandera editors in his suit against Tulfo, Arroyo spared their counterparts in other publications.

Lito Banayo, former columnist for The Daily Tribune, for example, was named in the libel suit but not the paper’s publisher and editors. Broadcaster Erwin Tulfo sues Inquirer for libel Philippine Daily Inquirer AM | Tuesday, March 25th, TV5 News anchor Erwin Tulfo on Monday filed a libel case in the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office against the Philippine Daily Inquirer, seeking P12 million in damages for reporting that he allegedly benefited from the diversion of.

poll from the inquirer after 32m votes counted: duterte keeps lead, mar in 2nd / poe has conceded indonesia urges all parties: restraint on spratlys, as chinese vent ire on social media erwin tulfo: the truth will come out very soon / gloria arroyo celebrates 67th birthday march pinalitan nila yung Alas Singko y Medya Patrol ng Magandang Umaga Bayan with Erwin Tulfo, Cheryl Cosim, and LikeLike · · Share broadcaster ng People's Republic of China.

A Slew of Libel Suits

(Counterpart ng Voice of America ng USA). Oct 28,  · Master Article List Master Article List May 24,Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pearl Farm attacked, by Jowel F. Canuday, May 24,Inquirer News Service, Pearl Farm raiders on the run May 28,INQ7, AM, Tourists cancel, defer travel plans to Palawan, by Erwin Oliva, May.

Broadcaster erwin tulfo sues inquirer f
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