A response to an article on health risks caused by air emissions

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Air pollution and public health: emerging hazards and improved understanding of risk

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Climate change and health

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World Health Organization: Outdoor Air Pollution Causes Cancer

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problems they suspect might be caused by exposure to toxic emissions. from experts about the potential health risks of. As such, concentration-response functions quantify the health impact per concentration unit of air pollutant.

The EEA uses the concentration-response functions defined by the World Health Organization (WHO, b), which are based on the relative risks. An air pollution health risk assessment (AP-HRA) estimates the health impact to be expected from mea- sures that affect air quality, in different socioeconomic, environmental, and policy circumstances.

Quantification of the health impacts caused by exposure to a particular air pollutant is based on the population attributable-risk proportion (AP) concept (Rothman et al.,Douwes et al., ).

The attributable-risk proportion (AP) is the fraction of health impacts which can be attributed to the exposure in a given population for a certain time period (assuming a causal association between exposure and the.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified outdoor air pollution as a cancer-causing agent (carcinogen).The IARC is part of the World Health Organization, and is one of the primary sources for information on cancer-causing substances for the American Cancer Society.

health burden caused by air pollution. In this report, the New York City Department of Health Air Pollution and the Health of New Yorkers: to turn the tide in controlling emissions.

Because of improvements in air quality, such deadly air pollution episodes are rare in U.S. cities.

A response to an article on health risks caused by air emissions
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World Health Organization: Outdoor Air Pollution Causes Cancer